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Building your business

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Building your business for success

You did it! You started your own business, became your own boss, and are offering your product/services to the world. Now, how do you build your business in a way that will set you up for success for years to come? That is where I come in!

Setting Benchmarks

I can help you incorporate industry benchmarks, or set benchmarks of your own, and make a plan to get you there.

Pricing for Profit

I can help you not only price your goods in a profitable way, but help you with accounting setup so you earn profit from the very beginning.

Brand Planning

I can help you decide how you want your brand to be seen and help you plan for how to get there.


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100% Responsive

I know that time is meowney, so I will respond to you quickly when you have a question or want to get a consult scheduled. I will also do my best to get you answers to your questions as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as I can, saving both of us time and meowney.

Templates and samples

Having an MBA and having been in business myself for over a decade, I have both created and have access to many templates for things like: A digital checkbook, business plan, financial plan, web presence plan, pricing and package creation sheet, etc. I can help you in many areas of your business!


Is your business profitable and sustainable? Do you know how to tell? How could you tweak things to make even more meowney then you already do? I can help you answer these questions! I also have built my own tracking system so you can know that you are making profit right from the start.


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Growing your business is a never-ending task. Let me help you plan for success!

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